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Which generation now manages the firm? 

We evaluate objectively the performance of family members who work in the business at least once a year.    YES NO SOMETIMES
We have a business plan that works, and is updated regularly.  YES NO SOMETIMES
There are unresolved conflicts in our family deep enough to prevent family members from resolving business issues.
Our family meets together regularly to learn about the business and to develop policies which impact family members.  YES NO SOMETIMES
The buy-sell for our family business is up to date, and those who will be affected understand it. YES NO SOMETIMES
We have a board of competent advisors who meet regularly and give us thoughtful and candid advice about our company. YES NO SOMETIMES
Members of each generation in our family, who contribute their ideas about the business at the appropriate time, are treated with respect.  YES NO SOMETIMES
There is a written succession plan for the next generation.  YES NO SOMETIMES
Our family can enjoy holidays and other gatherings without focusing on the business.
Our company follows clear criteria for hiring family members which everyone understands. YES NO SOMETIMES
Each family member employed in the business has a growth plan to prepare him/her systematically for their future responsibilities.  YES NO SOMETIMES
Our company has developed a fair, performance-based system of compensation for both family and non-family employees. YES NO SOMETIMES
Stock ownership is concentrated in those family members who are actively involved in our company. YES NO SOMETIMES
Our family has a written "strategic family plan" which outlines policies that affect family participation in our company. YES NO SOMETIMES
During the past three years, our company has been profitable. YES NO SOMETIMES